The New
Call #08

Free adaptation of The Next Call #08 magazine by H. N. Werkman published in February 1926. Printed in two colors, 1 pages and 40 copies. 27,2 x 21,5 cm. / 43 x 54,4 cm.

In this issue, printed in 1925, there are continuous references machinery; a factory the synthesis on the cover leads to a simple pulley lift on the next page and continues on pages 6, 7 and 8. Could refer to Werkman’s printing press, since a new reference to his precarious economic situation is listed with debits and credits on pages 4 and 5.

Continuing with the machinery metaphor, it materializes both formally (a new machine / mechanism formed with ovoid and tubular structures) and metonymically (suggesting the evolution of the traditional concepts of “machine”, toward digital concept -binary base- that has currently) . Both interpretations allow the fundamentals elements to be, again and equal as the benchmark, “0” and “1”.

On the higher plane of the composition, a chromatic counterpoint with small red and orange elements give some complexity to the set opening readings (electronics, pilots, etc.) but above all providing certain rhythm and dynamism to the composition.

Limited edition of 60 sealed, signed and numbered prints.

Letterpress printed in four runs in a Korrex Hannover 1964
with three colors on Colorplan Smooth Natural 175 gr. G. F. Smith’s paper

Size: 19 ¾ x 27 ½” (50x70cm.)

€ 45

The Next Call #08
H. N. Werkman

Facsimile of the original journal, published in February 1926

8 pages
40 copies

27.2 x 21.5 cm.
10¾ x 8½ in.

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