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Año Gutenberg 2018.

Year Gutenberg: Composition #01

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On the 3rd of February, the 550th anniversary of the death of Johannes Gutenberg was celebrated, which will be commemorated throughout 2018 with a multitude of events and exhibitions all over Europe around the figure of the brilliant German inventor. The Gutenberg Year kicked off in Barcelona on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February with different exhibitions, conferences and workshops

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The Next Call #06 (H.N. Werkman)

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In the original work (The Next Call #06, november 1924) Werkman combines, in one hand, different typographical blanks of the same size generating a cadence feeling and, on the other hand, in its final page, the back of different letters of the same body (equal height and variable with). Interpreting both options, one propose a composition using different sizes of typographical blanks ordered from lowest to highest and from left to right.  The not printed surface of this typographical material provides, in turn, different “acabados”, which contribute to achieve a composition with remarkable textures and rhythms. The small text placed…

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