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The New Call, the last project of BunkerType.

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  The New Call, BunkerType’s latest project, takes over from my previous approach to H.N. Werkman, and propose a new and more mature and personal reinterpretation, of one of the most paradigmatic works of the admired Dutch author: “The Next Call”, one of the boldest publication of the European avant-garde art of the interwar period.

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All you print is love.

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Free interpretation of The Beatles song. An idea of Bettina Arria who printed (in her first version) during a recent workshop in BunkerType and that we overtake in this new version in a four hand printing. A little outfit of 25 copies in gradient and  other few in black, in 40×50 format. Available in the virtual shop of BunkerType.   Also abaliable in ETSY.    

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The real (invented) story about letters.

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There is a significant agreement placing the origin of our alphabet in the evolution of the phoenician signs that, in one of its derivations, turned to greek and from there to the current system but, what would happen  if the origin of our letters could be explained in a different way? What if – for example – the sign “A” could really be a steer’s head as suggested by Brossa? In that new story the “R” sign would be a “P” with a walking stick, or the “B” would be a “P” with a double hump (are we not confusing…

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