Order in the (new) typographic workshop 1/2

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(…)”The officer must be tidy and has to get used to have the box clean of interline, twines, leads, forniture, spacing material, etc”. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a saying that should not be forgotten. With this fragment of the Treaty of Typography edited by the Professional Schools of the Salesians of Sarrià, I started a blog entry a couple of years ago due to the preparation of a sheet of samples that I printed in order to point out the content of a new type case. Taking advantage of the extension of the former…

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BunkerType with… Matías Corea.

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“I think almost everyone has had a good idea at some point, the difference is that some are crazy enough to believe that they can build it”.  That’s what Matías Corea thinks or at least is what he answered in an interview (published in La Vanguardia last 10/07/2014). Matías Corea is the co-founder of Behance, with whom -along with his partner Lindsay Aranoff- I had the pleasure of sharing some days of letters and ink at the rhythm of jazz, a few days ago at BunkerType. I must confess that when I first read the mail in which Matias suggested me the…

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All you print is love.

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Free interpretation of The Beatles song. An idea of Bettina Arria who printed (in her first version) during a recent workshop in BunkerType and that we overtake in this new version in a four hand printing. A little outfit of 25 copies in gradient and  other few in black, in 40×50 format. Available in the virtual shop of BunkerType.   Also abaliable in ETSY.    

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Vintage in “La Solane”

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In my workshop I am immersed in a universe of vintage objects. I do not mean only the typographic families that are filling the space (about 150 in lead and some 50 in wood), but also my collection of old Polariod cameras from the 1960s and 1970s, most of the artifacts that I am using to print or manipulate the paper, the old manual Boston from the 1930s and the newly acquired Adler Tippa from the 1950s, a German typing machine well known at the time for its lightweight design making it “ultra-portable”. Last weekend we celebrated the 50th anniversary…

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“23’56: Movable type in the digital age”. ATypI exhibition.

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What is the point of letterpress printing in the XXI century? Probably none, but still, we can find persistent printers and stubborn typographers using this ancient technique inherited from Gutenberg and his successors over five hundred years ago. Arcangela Regis, Joan Pujagut and myself gathered a small representative view of “some fighters of this noble lead’s profession” work to show in the Congress of the ATypI of Barcelona, in Bau School. The exposition title is “23’56. Moveable Type in the digital age”  and will be open to the general public until teh 10th of October. *23’56: Continental type height according…

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