The real (invented) story about letters.

There is a significant agreement placing the origin of our alphabet in the evolution of the phoenician signs that, in one of its derivations, turned to greek and from there to the current system but, what would happen  if the origin of our letters could be explained in a different way? What if – for example – the sign “A” could really be a steer’s head as suggested by Brossa?

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In that new story the “R” sign would be a “P” with a walking stick, or the “B” would be a “P” with a double hump (are we not confusing common camels with dromedaries?). Rewriting the origin of these small signs every time someone is thinking about it would be a well deserved reward for those who would be doing it.

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Perhaps, in that story, the “O” letters -always hidden behind something- would be the shyest letters of the alphabet. So much, that could be thought as “U”.

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