The Jazz Grove, BunkerType soundtrack.

“Think fast, print slow” is with no doubt one of the sentences that best define the nature of my work at BunkerType. Like a kind of mantra that I keep on repeating, without even realizing, every time I go underground to my particular refugee. But, from a while ago I have realized that there are two ways to enjoy what I am doing: listening the The Jazz Groove or not doing it., la banda sonora de BunkerType

Since Ramiro Espinoza suggested this station as a soundtrack of our first typographical meeting (by the way, I will tell you about that project shortly); the laid-back, cool and elegant jazz that this station emits have been accompanying me every single day., la banda sonora de BunkerType

The Jazz Groove, is a Californian internet station, no ads of any kind, which thrives on the donations of its listeners, so after a few says of enjoying its music, I decided to contribute with a modest donation, but even so, I felt the need to say “thank you, I love what you are doing”, so I started working and I printed a small series of a dozen copies of a poster specially designed for them., la banda sonora de BunkerType

I guess that now I will try to get in touch with them so that they can provide me their postal address and the posters can arrive to them, but at the moment I think that it won’t bother them if I invite you to enjoy its jazz selection: essential!, la banda sonora de BunkerType


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