What is BunkerType?
Sometimes I even hesitate about it…
BunkerType is not a look into the past. Nor is a press nor I am a printer. I do not intend to recover any artisanal job and I do not commercial printings. I am not interested in vector illustration, computer work neither photopolymers.
I am interested in the concept, the process and the assembly of movable types. I am delighted taking the limitations of the traditional typographical system. I am excited being able to evade the limitations of the traditional typographical system. I like to perceive the materiality of the letters, hold them and appreciate them as objects.
I am not a printer, I just enjoy printing.
Jesús Morentin.

Grahpic designer since 1996 involved in teaching, in 2009 Jesús Morentin started a research project of restoration of ancient printing manual processes using wood and lead types. He created his own workshop, BunkeType. Since then he has been participating in some collective exhibitions.
In January of 2014 he organized – in collaboration with the Elisava school of Barcelona–his first individual expositon, “The Next Call, van H.N. Werkman. An interpretation of BunkerType”, his first approach to the Dutch author. This work took place between 2011 and 2012 and  now returns with “The New Call”, his latest project.